Sustainable YKK

Learn about our commitment to sustainability by integrate eco-friendly practices into our zippers.


Treating people and the planet as one


YKK’s action plan for a sustainable future

Sustainability and innovation are interlinked. YKK is focused on minimizing environmental impact with innovative ideas in design and manufacturing. It’s the right thing to do for the planet.


Mono-plastic Material

YKK presents the first recycling friendly zipper.

A zipper is a complicated accessory, consisting of multiple elements that are difficult to separate. Due to the almost entirely polyamide structure, this new zipper can be easily recycled together with the nylon garment on which it is sewn, without the need for removal.

Green Choices,
Brighter Tomorrows

01 bio-based

The use of plant-based materials will contribute to reducing GHG emissions and fossil fuel use.

YKK Eco-Friendly Products